There is no difference between replica watches and other luxury goods

Many people who like watches have a misunderstanding. They think that the reason why replica watches are so expensive is mainly because the craftsmanship and cost of the movement account for a large proportion of the cost. So they are very fond of the movement, but in fact they don't really understand the movement.

In the brand of mechanical replica watches, there are mainly two movement camps. The first category is ETA and SW, which supply externally, and the other is the mysterious "self-produced movement." In fact, fake rolex brands seldom popularize the movement configuration with customers, but talk to customers about the sense of dignity brought by the brand, which fully shows that the movement does not occupy a relatively large cost of a replica watch.

The actual situation is that there is no difference between replica watches and other luxury goods, and the cost and selling price of luxury goods are completely unrelated. The brand's long-term positioning and brand bring consumers' sense of dignity, giving it a relatively high brand premium. The same is true for replica watches. Men wearing watches are nothing more than wearing a brand.

Therefore, many old replica watch friends understand this truth, and they will individually find someone to order some popular styles, use exactly the same material, and install the ETA movement. The effect is exactly the same when worn. Replica Watches are the only luxury accessories for men. What matters is not the brand itself, but who is wearing them.

In fact, the self-produced movement is not very advanced, and it is just a marketing tool for brand markup. Popular styles like more people, so the price will go up and the boat is very expensive, even if they use the same movement in differently positioned replica watches. But as a rational consumer, even if the economy is strong hublot replica, I doní»t think he would be willing to pay for the hype. After all, the most important thing about wearing a replica watch is the strength of the wearer.