The Swiss replica watch industry is still developing rapidly

The increase in sales of smart watches did not seize the market share of Swiss mechanical replica watches, because the sales of Swiss watches are also increasing rapidly. Traditional Swiss watches have built watches into luxury goods that symbolize status and taste in the past two decades. Smart watches are now positioned more like fast-moving consumer goods Replica Hublot, and they are all the rage mainly because they are cheap.

Switzerland's largest movement supplier, ETA movement shipments in 2019 were only 500,000 pieces. The entire Swiss watch industry is still developing rapidly. But prices continue to rise every year. The Swiss watch industry is ushering in a period of rapid outbreak. This shows that Swiss mechanical replica watches, as a kind of accessories that show their identity, are now extremely popular among high-yield people.

As a luxury accessory, the value of the brand occupies 80% of the sales price replica Cartier. After years of historical and cultural precipitation, what it brings to adults is more the sense of dignity conferred by the brand, which cannot be satisfied by smart watches.

Although smart watches and Swiss mechanical replica watches are named after watches, in fact they have nothing to do with each other. The groups targeted by the two and the main purpose of the display are also completely different. The surge in sales of smart watches actually cultivated customers for Swiss mechanical replica watches to a certain extent. But the two may have a more perfect combination in the future, and it is difficult to become a competitor.